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July 28, 2007

Another Brilliant Suggestion (Post #31)

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So, earlier this week when I was begging for post ideas for tonight, as I knew I’d run out of fodder, I was not let down at all. Several of my favorite regular bloggers came to my rescue. Chatty gave me this one, “Describe a blogger party and put your favorite bloggers on the guest list.”  This ought to be easy.

First of all, Chatty would most definitely be invited.  She and I not only teach the same subject (and now to the same age kids), but every time I read her blog, I find out more and more just how alike we are.  She is so cool!

Laci would be at my cool blogger party too.  She has the best attitude and the best smile to go with it.  She was my inspiration for doing this whole Blogathon thing.

Kentucky Girl would be a must at any party, as long as she brought her boobs with her (lol).  The woman is snarkalicious, too.

I have so enjoyed getting to know Sodapop and Monique and Lucy and Frankie tonight in our Blogathon chat room, so all of them would have to come to the party.

Saintseester would be a blast at a bloggers’ party, no doubt.

Oh, and what would a party be without the ultimate pimp machine, Mr. Fab?  And, wouldn’t he love being in the midst of all these female bloggers…

Mrs. Chili would certainly keep us with plenty to talk about.

Amy and J. (Talking 2 Myself) would keep me laughing all the time, I have no doubt.

And last (only because I’m running out of time here) I would want HoosierGirl to come to my bloggers’ party.  Any woman who has 4 children and a full time job DESERVES to party!
*I’m sorry I didn’t link everybody here… I’m getting much slower putting these posts out as the night goes on.


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  1. Ooh…bewbies! LOL

    Comment by Kentucky Girl — July 28, 2007 @ 11:42 pm

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