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July 28, 2007

Meme of Tens, Part 2 (Post #28)

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As I’m sure you can tell from the title, this is the second part of the meme which I posted in the last half hour. Yeah, otherwise I got nuthin’ right now. I’ll see if I can do better next time.  And it’s still early-ish!

1. Have you ever been caught sneaking out? – no-o-o-o-o-o-o, I was the good girl (for reals)
2. Have you ever been completely in LOVE? – yes
3. Have you ever done something you regret? – can’t think of anything
4. Have you ever sky dived? – oh, hell no
5. Have you ever been on a house boat? – yes – so much fun!
6. Have you ever finished an entire jawbreaker? – back in the day
7. Have you ever wanted someone so badly it hurt? – only Geek, but luckily I got him
8. Have you ever been streaking? – not my style, thankyouverymuch
9. Have you ever been skinny dipping? – again, no, but I wouldn’t turn my nose up at it in the right time and place
10. Ever wanted to marry a celebrity? – Sting is already married, so he could just be my “mister.”

1. Are you missing someone right now? – my baby girl, especially since she just called to tell me goodnight
2. Are you happy? – yes!
3. Are you talking to any one right now? – well, technically not talking, but I’m chatting with the girls in the Blogathon chat room
4. Are you bored? – often, but not tonight — no time
5. Are you german? – probably
6. Are you irish? – definitely
7. Are you french?- oui
8. Are you italian? – I don’t think so
9. Are your parents still married? – bwahahahahaaa! (um, no)
10. Do you have a boy/girlfriend? – Does a husband count?

1. Last phone call? – my Littleone just a few minutes ago
2. Last thing you read? – I am reading The Historian
3. Last IM? – from Chatty when her power cord FUBAR’d
4. Last item bought? – 3 new blouses at Target
5. last thing u ate? – whitefish gyro and Greek salad
6. Last time you were nervous? – oh, good grief, I’m almost always nervous about something
7. Last person hugged? – Geek
8. Last TV show watched? – Emeril
9. Last cry? – I cry nearly everyday, so I really don’t remember
10. Last time you ran on the track? college



  1. Hey, just popped in to see how you were doing.
    Looks like you’re hanging in there.
    You’re doing great!

    Comment by HoosierGirl5 — July 28, 2007 @ 9:34 pm

  2. You will have to tell me if you like the Historian. A friend recommended it to me.

    Comment by Saintseester — July 28, 2007 @ 9:36 pm

  3. HoosierGirl – Yep, I’m hanging… The bra has come off, my butt and back are sore, but I’m hangin in there.

    Saintseester – Only 200 pages into it, and it’s excellent. (It’s a 700 page book.)

    Comment by Tense — July 28, 2007 @ 9:51 pm

  4. Hey Tense! How are you doing?
    I LOVED the Historian; it’s well written, creepy in just the right way and surprising on a lot of levels, I will give NOTHING away but I am eager to know of your final assessment.

    Ok, questions for you and forgive me if I ask something you have already addressed, but what is your favorite thing to teach, be it a play, a novel, a poem or how to write a persuasive essay (Hah!)? And why? I wish you luck for the rest of the ‘thon, and I will check in later!!

    Comment by Organic Mama — July 28, 2007 @ 9:59 pm

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