Tense for a Reason

July 28, 2007

Top Ten Disney Characters

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Just go with me on this one… I’m smelling my supper, so I’m desperate to put a post out there, stat!

1.  Thumper from Bambi – He is the cutest, cuddliest bunny!

2.  Stitch from Lilo and Stitch – I want a best friend like him.

3.  Dory from Finding Nemo – Life would never be boring.

4.  Tigger from The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, etc. – I just love Tigger.

5.  The Chesshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland – One of my least favorite Disney movies, but I love the nutso cat.

6.  Tinkerbell from Peter Pan – She’s got a bad attitude that I love.

7.  Mater from Cars – I’m gonna regret admitting this, but I love Larry the Cable Guy

8.  Chip n’ Dale – They always manage to piss Donald Duck off, and I love that ’cause he gets on my nerves.

9. Ji’ini (not sure about the spelling) from Aladdin – Gotta love Robin Williams in almost any role, and this one was suited perfectly for him.  Funny!

10.  Dopey from Snow White – Just ’cause he’s so… dopey.



  1. Great list. To give you something to do, check out my blog. You’ve been nominated! (smile)

    Comment by HoosierGirl5 — July 28, 2007 @ 6:20 pm

  2. You’ve GOT to add Mushu from Mulan (“DISHONOR! Dishonor on YOU, dishonor on your COW…!!”). The girls watched that movie the other night, when I realized that I can still recite most of it. (“A LOOSER?! How ’bout I pop one o’ your antenna out, throw it ‘cross the yard? Who’s the loser then?”)

    I’m mostly a fan of the Pixar joints – I think the girls wore me out on Cinderella when they were babies. I’m particularly fond of Richard Kind as Molt in A Bug’s Life (“ooooh! Oooooh! I’m askin’ ya with my brain!”) and I’m right with you on Dory, though I think that, of the whole film, the scenes with Crush (Doooode!) are my favorite.

    Comment by mrschili — July 28, 2007 @ 6:29 pm

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