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July 29, 2007

Top Ten Breakfast Cereals (Post #47)

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Since it’s breakfast time now for most normal people now, I thought this might be an appropriate topic for this, my 47th in 23 hours, post.

1.  Frosted Flakes

2.  Honey Bunches of Oats

3.  Rice Chex

4.  Life Cereal

5.  Frosted Cheerios

6.  Froot Loops – These were breakfast, lunch and dinner during freshman year in college – no milk.

7.  Frosted Mini Wheats

8.  Raisin Bran

9.  Cinnamon Toast Crunch

10.  Rice Krispies

And no, thinking about and writing this did NOT make me hungry.  I just want to go to bed.


Top Ten Addictions (Post #39)

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There are several things that I’d rather not live without…

1.  My blog and my friends’ blogs

2.  Shoes

3.  Purses

4.  Twitter / Twitbin

5.  My iTunes / music

6.  The Sims2 (when I’m in the mood)

7.  Air – I like to breathe it and live.

8.  Margaritas

9.  Geek

10.  Hugs and kisses

Top Ten Things to Do When You’re Not Allowed to Sleep (Post #34)

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1. Come up with a new blog post every 30 minutes.

2. Chat via webcam with some crazy women.

3. Eat foods that give you energy (such as grapes, cashews, pretzels), and avoid the sweet chocolatey stuff, no matter how desperately you want it.

4. Drink a lot of liquids, that way you have to get up to pee a lot too.

5.  Listen to upbeat or silly music.

6.  Watch bad movies on TV (a la Son in Law).

7.  Choke when your drink (raspberry ginger ale is delish, by the way) goes down the wrong pipe.  That will certainly keep you awake.

8.  Surf and comment on other Blogathoners’ blogs.

9.  Stand up and jump around, being careful to hold onto your boobies so they don’t black your eyes.

10.  Scratch your itchy nose incessantly… dammit!

Well, they’re working for me, anyway.

July 28, 2007

Top Ten Cars I Want (Post #30)

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I love cars… There’s something so sexy about many of them.  Unfortunately, the ones I usually end up driving (my little Saturn comes to mind) are strictly functional.  But, maybe someday that will change; here are some of the cars I dream about one day owning.

1.  1956 Ford Thunderbird convertible – It’s been my dream car for many, many years now.

2.  Cadillac CTS – I just think this car looks so rich… and fast.

3.  Saturn Sky – A totally worthless, totally beautiful car.  It looks like a mid-life crisis.

4.  Nissan Murano – Yeah, I know it doesn’t fit with the others, but there is just something I love about this car.

5.  Ford Mustang – The new ones are so hawt.

6.  Dodge Charger – This bad boy looks mean, and again, so fast.

7.   Mercedes S Class – It’s been a long time since I’ve been impressed with the way a Mercedes looks.

8.  VW Beetle Convertible – What a fun car; it’s totally a girl’s car too.

9.   Saturn VUE – This is the next car I hope to have; it’s just so cute, and I can get a hybrid.

10.   Saturn Aura – Nice-looking, mid-size car.

Top Ten Disney Characters

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Just go with me on this one… I’m smelling my supper, so I’m desperate to put a post out there, stat!

1.  Thumper from Bambi – He is the cutest, cuddliest bunny!

2.  Stitch from Lilo and Stitch – I want a best friend like him.

3.  Dory from Finding Nemo – Life would never be boring.

4.  Tigger from The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, etc. – I just love Tigger.

5.  The Chesshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland – One of my least favorite Disney movies, but I love the nutso cat.

6.  Tinkerbell from Peter Pan – She’s got a bad attitude that I love.

7.  Mater from Cars – I’m gonna regret admitting this, but I love Larry the Cable Guy

8.  Chip n’ Dale – They always manage to piss Donald Duck off, and I love that ’cause he gets on my nerves.

9. Ji’ini (not sure about the spelling) from Aladdin – Gotta love Robin Williams in almost any role, and this one was suited perfectly for him.  Funny!

10.  Dopey from Snow White – Just ’cause he’s so… dopey.

Ten Random Thoughts (Post #14)

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Here are 10 things that have gone through my mind in the last 30 minutes or so.  Don’t be scared.

1.  I wish my damned nose would quit itching!  I’m sure my Stickam chat friends love watching me scratch it.

2.  I wish I could sleep as soundly as my cats do; the fat one is snoring.  Bitch.

3.  I’m starting to get sleepy.

4.  Should I shed my bra already?

5. This raspberry ginger ale is pretty good.

6.  Laci really looks like she’s concentrating.

7.  My toes are really cold; it might be a good idea for me to put on my slippers.

8.  I wish I knew how to belly dance; I bet I’d have fab abs if I did.

9.  I hope my tummy behaves tonight; I really don’t wanna blog from the bathroom.  (TMI?  teehee)

10.  Blech, I have to go to the doctor (yes, that one) week after next.

Now, wasn’t that a fascinating peep into the inner workings of my complex mind?  I know I certainly feel more enlightened now.

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